Going Insane Over Telehope’s “Calling Your Name”

Telehope is an impressive 4-piece indie pop band from Cincinnati, comprised of Mark Brad (vocals/guitar), Ben Malson (keys), Adolph Goetz (guitar) and Nate Trammel (drums). The bands mission it to give hope to its listeners through encouraging lyrics and powerful messages in their songs.

Last week Telehope released a new single, “Calling Your Name” and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s a catchy song that will “keep on running” through your mind. Poignant lyrics, sweet synth, and an amazing falsetto will keep you hooked and reaching for the play again button. “When your alone, turn up the radio. If the voices won’t stop you can drown them out…” True story indeed.

“Calling Your Name” is the Download of the Week! Grab it while you can!