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Flesh Mother Continues to Provide Thrills: Nourishment Album Release

A stern warning to back up if you’re not into moshing. This was the kickoff to Flesh Mother at their Nourishment album release at The Hub in OTR. The warning was well deserved, given that 15 seconds into the set, a full mosh pit had already begun.

As someone who only moshes part time, I took this as an invitation to stand as close to the wall as possible while still being within view of Flesh Mother. This plan moderately worked. The midnight show had non-stop moshing in a venue that was at wall-to-wall capacity. I could have gone to the back to stray from the moshing; however, not being at least somewhat involved in the chaos seems like a disservice to Flesh Mother. Although if moshing just ain’t for you, John Hays (vox) understands and encourages you to stick around! Just do so at a safe distance.

Luckily for those who do choose to stand back, John Hays and Tyler Bollinger (guitar) provide the audience with views of Flesh Mother regardless of where the audience may be. This feat is accomplished by the two members climbing anything within eyesight -- adding to the chaotic nature of Flesh Mother. To end the show, John stands atop a bar, then somersaults into the crowd. A perfect finish to a jam-packed set.

For the backtrack of the rowdiness, Flesh Mother played through songs of their album Nourishment. From start to finish, the energy was maintained as high the momentum could possibly go. The music is what drove the crowd. Flesh Mother’s high, non-stop energy is the fuel to the crowd’s boisterous nature. Every member played their instrument to its maximum potential -- something that throughout the excitement of the crowd, was not lost on the ears.

For their album release, Flesh Mother did what Flesh Mother does best: deliver a memorable night for the audience, full of excitement, good music, and an overall good time.

If you missed the show, Nourishment will be sure to deliver similar excitement through the comfort of your speakers.