E Comte Gives Back with New Single

E Comte is a musician from Xenia, OH. He recently released a new single on Spotify, iTunes and all major music-media platforms. All of the proceeds from the single, “Love You Too” go to the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation and Samaritan's Purse. We sat down with E to get to know him and what makes him tick.

Give us some background on E Comte…
To start, yes, my name is just E. Yup, just one letter! I grew up in Xenia, Ohio and had a passion for Rock N’ Roll all my life. I’ve been in numerous bands and have worked all around Cincinnati including the 86 Club, The Underground and Bogarts. It wasn’t until about a year ago when I started to focus on creating solo music. As a music-lover in general, I love fiddling around with different genres while adding the Rock influence I grew up with. I hope to bring an interesting new sound to music and a smile on listeners’ faces.

Tell us about the new single, “Love You Too”
“Love You Too” originally started with a riff I came up with a few years ago. It never fit into songs I was writing at the time, and one day I accidentally pulled it out and it became one of my favorite songs to write after that. The song is a love story about that moment most people go through; that moment when you’ve met the love of your life. You’ve fallen head-over-heels almost instantly for this girl and you want to tell her, but there’s that cloud of uncertainty.. the “what if she just says ‘thanks!’ and doesn’t love me back” kind of thing. It’s about trying to find a way to tell her you love her, whether that be words or actions, there’s hundreds of ways of saying “I love you too”.

Tell us about the charities that proceeds from this project will go to. What made you decide to donate the proceeds?
I am and always have been very passionate about music and helping people in any way I can. It all really hit me when I finished tracking “Love You Too”. I wrote and recorded the single as a hobby, but for some reason had the thought of releasing it to the public. With those thoughts crossing my mind, I began thinking of why I wanted to release it. For certain, I didn’t want to release it as a “showcase” of talent, or even to try to make money off the song, but came to the conclusion that what I really want is for the music to bring smiles to the listeners’ faces. After arriving to that thought, I decided that I want my music to go as far as possible; not in the way that it gets tons of listens or recognitions, but in a way that the people who do enjoy it and decide to purchase it, that money can go to helping other people who are in need. I think that God gave me the ability to do things like this for a reason.

The two charities I’ve decided to donate to are the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation and Samaritan’s Purse.

The Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation has a mission to help seriously ill and physically challenged children in Cincinnati and Fort Worth by providing support, opportunities, resources and life-changing experiences. With this foundation being located in Cincinnati, I hope to one day help out and get involved with the foundation in person.

Samaritan’s Purse has a mission to help other countries who are desperate for food and water, shelter and even medicine as well as provide disaster and crisis relief. The foundation also helps spread the gospel and love to those countries.

Where can we go donate?
All the proceeds from royalties or purchases via online distribution sites such as iTunes, Spotify and more will be split evenly and distributed to the two foundations I’ve dedicated to.

You can also donate more than the $.99 price of the song if you have the desire to by going to E Comte’s bandcamp page (ecomte.bandcamp.com) and selecting the “Buy Now” button and entering the price of your desired donation amount.

Or you can donate directly to the foundations at...
Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation
Samaritan’s Purse

What is next for E Comte?
I plan on finishing up my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at Wright State by 2019 as well as continuing writing and recording new original songs as always. I am also involved in a classic rock tribute group, “That Arena Rock Show” which will be playing at Bogarts in Cincinnati in April. (That show will be announced January 22nd, 2018.) In the next couple years, I would like to release a full-length album and get involved with the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation as well as taking a trip with Samaritan’s Purse if the opportunities arise. With future music releases, I plan to possibly add and rotate other foundations that may come up.