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Balcony TV: Music with a View

Balcony TV operates in 60 countries and hundreds of cities worldwide, including New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Madrid, Barcelona and more. It has hundreds of thousands of social media followers and over 100 million video views over a decade.

DownTowne Listening Room has brought BTV to the Queen City! They feature local and touring artists playing live in exciting outdoor performances atop a downtown Cincy skyscraper. Shows are posted every two weeks. It is a great way to hear new music and see “the city that sings” in a new way.

Balcony TV Cincinnati is being filmed atop the Renaissance Apartments building managed by Towne Properties. Sponsored by the DownTowne Listening Room, the local invitation-only house concert music series that has presented dozens great folk, rock and pop acts downtown over the last 3 years. DTLR organizer Scott Skeabeck will be running BTV here along with a team of creative professionals including Sami Joe Prewitt (Lead Videographer), Kevin Stokley (Lead Audio Tech) and many others.

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