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Soul Butter Plan to Take Flight with Debut EP

Soul Butter have been playing around town for a while and finally have an EP! On Saturday, December 16th mark your calendar to head to Urban Artifact to celebrate the self-titled EP Release!

We were excited to get to know Soul Butter in advance of the release.

Give us some background on Soul Butter…
Soul Butter formed in August of 2016, some of us knew each other from previous bands but for some of us Soul Butter is how we met. Since then, we've played several shows at Madison Live, Madison Theater, Urban Artifact, HD Beans and Yesterdays Saloon. We have played with many talented bands, such as Vibe and Direct, Infinity Spree, Wed Zepween, Dead Humor and Shock relief. Our guitarist is Drew Konieczka, Our drummer is Colton Toups, and our bassist is Cody Muldoon.

Tell us about your debut EP…
Our EP is simply called Soul Butter. Our EP is alternative rock accompanied by blues and classic rock influences. It will feature our songs Danielle, Rest On One, What Influences Us, Play Me that Funky Rhythm. Furthermore, we recorded this EP at Stage 3 Instruments.

What can one expect at a live show?
People can expect a good time and good people all there for the same thing (to have a good time, hang out with friends, make new friends and listen to music they like) at our shows. We like to get to know and hang out with everyone. Also, people can expect great music and a great show. Soul Butter has high energy and expressive stage presence that we bring to every show and the bands we share the stage with are the same way. We also love to get the crowd involved in our performance so our lead singer doesn't like to stay limited to stage and likes to interact with the crowd and get everyone engaged. But our fun energy is accompanied by our soulful tone, and emotional uplifting vocals which resonate with people. Overall, we bring a comfortable atmosphere to every show where everyone can have fun and let the music "butter their soul."

What is next for Soul Butter?
We plan to spread our wings and take flight, spread our horizons and start a small tour. We definitely want to play some festivals in the summer of 2018. We are also going to be releasing music videos. One of which will be a lyric video with pictures from our first show at Madison Live until now, pictures with our fans and all the memories and good times we've had together at our shows and in the studio.