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Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound and Joe’s Truck Stop at MOTR

Face it. You are going to need to pre-game for New Year’s Eve. What better way to than at MOTR Pub with some of the best bands in the city? Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound and Joe’s Truck Stop will be lighting up the MOTR stage on Saturday. It’s FREE.

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound attracted a larger audience during their set at Bunbury Music Festival in 2016 than some of the national bands. No jokes. It was an amazing thing. And well worth it. It is no secret that CincyMusic LOVES Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound.

Arlo McKinley & the Lonesome Sound may be a Cincinnati secret for the time being, but within the music community his name is mentioned as one of those who should make it. Tim Carr’s humble obsession with honoring his roots while pushing his own boundaries will most certainly draw attention to the music his band is making. His friends in Cincinnati are most certainly cheering him on as more people inside Cincinnati and outside its borders continue to discover the depth of talent he has to share.” – Daniel Van Vechten (Musician and contributing writer for CincyMusic)

Saturday, December 30th
Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound
Joe’s Truck Stop