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Colors in Mind Celebrate EP Release at Madison LIVE

Colors in Mind are celebrating the release of their EP, The Observer this Friday at Madison LIVE! Joining them will be Dynamite Thunderpunch, Others by No One, and The Earth Laid Bare!

We jumped at the chance to chat with the band about the new EP and what to expect at the release show.

Congrats on the new EP! What was the inspiration for The Observer?
Thanks! Honestly, we wanted to draw from something natural. We knew that as soon as we were finished recording our last EP that this next piece had to emphasize that at its core. We started messing around with some riffs that would eventually become the track, Heliocentrism. As we were experimenting with that piece, I listened to what was happening and the first thing that came to my mind was Space, The Final Frontier, the Universe. But everyone's written a space rock record these days and that's not exactly what fit. After brainstorming, we had the idea to have space as the subject matter or at least be a key theme throughout the piece but to try and piece together how space and humanity are connected. Essentially, personifying the cosmos to highlight how when one really thinks about it, there's more in common there than we would think. I personally recall thinking that in our information and technology era, we know more about the Universe and the cosmos than ever before, but some people never truly understand or get the chance to experience the wonder of that connection between humanity and space.

Tell us about the writing process for the new EP, The Observer
It was pretty time consuming. It took us approximately three years to write this piece. In that three years, we all experienced a lot of different things from loss of loved ones to some of us getting married and having kids. Some songs came faster than others of course and we played them out live to test them; Unlike our last EP where we just wrote the whole thing, then recorded, and then played them out live. Our goals going in were to make something much more cohesive than our last EP and something that really showcased where we were and where we can go as artists. Personally, this was the most challenging thing I've ever done musically and artistically. We like our art to push us to our limits and we feel that The Observer is a good representation. Once we had it ready to record, we also had the idea to have some friends come in and be apart of the piece as well. We've got three local guest spots and we're all super satisfied with the way their contributions turned out. It really helped out that we had such an amazing time recording as well! Johnny "Chords" Chapman brought us into Rook House Recordings and dug in with us. He pushed us to get the best out of us and it was an incredible experience.

What should we expect at the release party?
The goal for the release show was to just put together the complete experience for fans of this EP but also go along with a Colors live show and experiment with some things. Like it was mentioned before, we've got three good friends within the local scene appearing on this so we're aiming to have them join us for this performance. We also wanted to have a bill with bands who we have never played with but have wanted the opportunity to share a stage with and exemplify local progressive music. We're aiming to have physical copies of The Observer at the show as well!

What is next for Colors in Mind?
To share our art with as many people as possible and hope that someone out there gets as excited as we do about it. And of course, to continue to explore and grow so the craft only gets better.