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Yateveo to Release Funerals and Birthday Parties

Grasshopper Juice Records and Cinthesizer are releasing producer Yateveo's new album on Saturday, November 4th at The Hub with Vusive, Ghost Hussy, and more! Yateveo is a solo electronic music project by John Crowell based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Combining elements of beatstrumental hip-hop, dance, ambient, and experimental sounds, Yateveo tests the sonic boundaries of electronic music while still aiming to nod heads and shake hips.

"DeepNight" combines electronic beats with exploratory sampling, affected guitar, electrified kalimba, and computer-generated beat repeat madness. The lead single from "Funerals / Birthday Parties," an album focused on the journey from disaster to recovery, "Deep Night" throbs with the crystalline saturation of a thousand shattered disco balls.

Several years in the making, Funerals and Birthday Parties are sister EPs combined on one LP, focusing on the concepts of change: crisis and resolution, disintegration and rebuilding, death and birth. As they share one album, Funerals represents the first seven songs while Birthday Parties rounds out the last seven.

Funerals was heavily inspired by the dissolution of Crowell’s first marriage. Dark and moody with tinges of deep house, ambient techno, glitch, and idiosyncratic rhythms, Funerals features hard-hitting beats and throbbing synth lines alongside haunting tones of guitar, electrified kalimba, saturated feedback, found sounds, and more. Highlighting both instrumental production and audio sample manipulation, Funerals is a study in the slow thaw of loneliness, isolation, and disenchantment as they give way to newfound self-assuredness, growth, and hope. These tracks strive to turn dark vibes into dance parties.

The songs of Birthday Parties, by contrast, were inspired by blossoming life after the fallout of massive change. Exploring the excitement of new love (“Swipe Right”), the comfort of fresh connection (“Trying Time”), and the warmth of new life (“SoftWarm”), Birthday Parties explores the rush of excitement in building a fresh, fulfilling life. Prismatic synth waves wash over rubbery bass lines and danceable drum rhythms throughout these seven songs. Birthday Parties turns dance parties into date nights.