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Jordan Kirk Live at The Listing Loon

Even though his solo career began only 3 years ago, Kirk, 29, has been writing and performing music for over half of his life–sometimes as a frontman in bands, sometimes under a nom-de-plume. Fueled by an epiphany to go ‘all-in’, the last several months of the artist’s career have seen a notable change, from relative obscurity outside of Ohio, to national radio play and tour dates booked around the U.S.

“I had decided over a year ago that I would spend the last year of my twenties touring, putting all of my resources into music”, said Kirk. “I really didn’t know at that time what pieces might fall into place or where my music career might be, but I was going to do it anyway”.

Earlier in the year, he spent over 6 months converting his work van into a DIY Sprinter RV in preparation for a year on the road. “At one point in time, I was working full-time, finishing the album, and converting my van into a livable space”, admitted Kirk.

2017 has been a year of firsts for singer-songwriter, Jordan Kirk. He launched his first successful radio campaign, signed his first licensing deals, landed his first record deal and his first booking agent.

Ragamuffin Parade was recorded in analog at the legendary Musicol Recording Studio in Columbus, Ohio using an array of vintage microphones and instruments. The album can be purchased digitally and on CD, or pre-ordered on vinyl via Scioto Records.

Catch Jordan Kirk at The Listing Loon on Thursday, November 2nd!