Thank you, WNKU

The day we have all been hoping would never come is here. On Thursday, September 28th at 6pm, WNKU's over-the-air broadcast and online stream will cease entirely.

WNKU has been such a large part of the lives of us music lovers in our region for over 33 years. To say that it will be missed is an understatement. I fear that our music community as a whole may suffer from this loss. Not just local music, but with being able to book regional and national shows in our area.

WNKU is much more than a radio station. WNKU is a champion for our region - for our music, our arts and culture, our neighborhoods, and our community organizations. WNKU celebrates diversity, brings people together, and encourages community engagement. It’s our heart in the Cincinnati music community. And on Thursday, September 28th our heart will be officially broken.

The final day on the air will be all about the listeners of this great station. Tweet them @WNKU, or email at to request a final song, tell a story of what WNKU has meant to you, or just to wish them well.

Thank you, WNKU. Thank you for being my companion for the majority of my life. Thank you for playing Ani Difranco, Indigo Girls, Kishi Bashi, The Beatles, that weird pineapple song, and countless others at just the right times to pick up my spirit. Thank you for introducing me to new artists. Thank you for supporting our local music scene and us at here at CincyMusic.


WNKU's Last Day Spotify Playlist

Today was WNKU's last day of broadcasting, and they dedicated the entire day to listener requests. The result was a diverse mix of all kinds of music. We've put together a complete Spotify playlist consisting of every song played by WNKU on Thursday, September 28, 2017 until they went off air (except for a few songs not available on Spotify).