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Roanoke Bring Timeless to SGHR

Roanoke is a rising Folk/Americana band based out of Nashville, TN. They are headed to The Southgate House Revival with Warrick and Ben Knight on Sunday, October 8th!

Lead by Joey Beesley (lead vocals, guitar) and Taylor Dupuis (lead vocals), the two come together to create rich harmonies and unforgettable songs of love, heartbreak, and exploration. Joined by band members Zach Nowak (mandolin and vocals), Kyle Breese (drums, and harmonica), and Jo Cleary(violin), Roanoke uses their undeniable musical chemistry to create a unique and captivating sound full of cultural influences, roots instrumentation, and catchy, memorable melodies. Their self-titled debut album Roanoke is an invigoratingly classic Americana album filled with modern yet vintage tunes that make the audience sit and listen to a back-porch tale in true Americana fashion. Roanoke has struck a balance between the narrative songwriting of folk, the ear candy appeal of pop, and the roots authenticity of country music. With over 500,000 plays on Spotify, they are set to shake the alternative Americana Folk scene in no time.

"It's unusual to find an album that seems such a timeless treasure the first time out, but Roanoke has done exactly that. One can only eagerly anticipate what's yet to come. Suffice it to say that for now, this is one of the great discoveries of the year." -No Depression