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Interview: Dave Cavalier

On Saturday I had the opportunity to speak with Dave Cavalier at Bourbon & Beyond, who is an artist you should definitely keep an eye on. His style has been compared to Gary Clark Jr., Jimi Hendrix and other greats. Dave just released his new live EP: The Main Sessions which is a follow up to his debut EP: HOWL.

I asked Dave how it felt to be the first artist to take the stage at the inaugural Bourbon and Beyond.

DC: When you look down the lineup of all the great artists that are taking the stage this weekend – Gary Clark Jr., Eddie Vedder, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Buddy Guy, Stevie Nicks… EVERYBODY - it’s somewhat bittersweet. It can be intimidating or you can sit back and be like, “you know what, we have nothing to lose, let’s blow the doors off this thing!” 90% of the people who bought tickets to be here have NO idea who Dave Cavalier is. But when I took the stage it was my job to make them leave here and know who I am. I wasn’t holding anything back! So that’s why I was up there with that stank face!

When I listen to your music your lyrics are so vivid that I almost feel like I’m watching a movie. Can you explain your approach to song writing and also why you included the linear notes on your website?

Two things that define me as an artist is being a songwriter and a performer. In all respect to pop music on the radio it’s plenty of it that you can listen to where the groove is all the carries it. The lyrics are totally secondary. I’m a student of music, I LOVE songs! If you can’t play it with just an acoustic guitar and your voice then you probably shouldn’t be playing it at all. So that’s probably where the imagery comes from. And I include the linear noted because I think people love when you pull back the curtain beyond the music. There’s something about leaving it open for interpretation for the listener to take on but there’s also those listeners that are like “no, I want to know what you were going though and want to hear the song from your point of view.”

What’s next for you?

DC: I just released my new live EP: The Main Sessions which is available on the website, Spotify, iTunes and all the digital outlets. I’m hoping to have the new studio album out in a couple of months. I’m really pumped the stories on the new album are stronger, the sounds are amazing. I’ve been in the studio writing for other artists and just being in the studio so much I can tell the difference in my own material. I’m well overdue for a new studio album so I’m anxious, I just want to get it out! I’m ready; I’m really proud of it and ready to share it with the world!


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