Near Earth Objects Release First Full Length Album

Cincinnati-based ethereal indie rockers, Near Earth Objects have announced details surrounding the release of their first full length album. Drift, the follow-up to 2014’s Situational Awareness, is set to drop on August 19th when the band takes stage at MOTR Pub with Chicago’s Bailiff.

Clocking in at just under an hour in length, Drift takes the listener on a 12-song journey through space and time. From the moment the first song begins to play, head- bobbing, dream-like melodies build up out of the aether of atmospheric soundscapes to create trance-inducing rhythms that put you into a state of near awe, pulling you out of your own body and taking you to places and times normally only visited during sleeping hours.

Waves of sound, building on one another, create butterflies in your stomach. They keep stacking higher and higher until they reach near monolithic crescendos that crash down over you, not in a cacophony of noise, but into foot-tapping melodies— releases of tension, which bring you back to Earth. As the album progresses, you cannot help but feel as if you’re witnessing an untold story that you somehow already know all the words to. The music feels like a distant memory, long thought forgotten, but only sitting in the back of brain, ready to be called on once again. And, as the record draws to a close, you cannot help but feel like you’ve been here before, that you’ve gone on a long, anxiety-filled journey, and are now home once again.

The band announced this statement about the album: “The direction of the album really began when we became more accomplished players and developed a better chemistry with each other. The vision and direction especially took shape when Dan joined us on cello. As we grew as a band, we decided to use more effects and instrumentation in our music. We wanted to make sure the album was a cohesive piece and that all of the songs effortlessly flowed together. We think this album encapsulates those goals.”

Near Earth Objects will be finishing out the year regularly playing shows throughout the Midwest, and plans on touring in support of Drift in the spring of 2018.