Jettison Release Debut EP

Jettison Just released their debut EP, Statuette! “Calling” is currently the CincyMusic Download of the Week. You can catch them next at Smoke Justis on Saturday, August 26th! We sat down with the band to chat about the debut EP, what they have been up to, and what’s next!

Tell us about the new EP, Statuette!
So Statuette is our debut EP and it’s also really what I think most of us consider the first step out of our former “comfort zone”. Originally, we started off as more straight up pop-rock with indie and pop-punk peeking through the music. With Statuette we kind of experimented more with our writing style, the process involved, and our gear. Until right before writing for the EP started, the only one who really was playing around with pedals was our former lead guitarist, Mike, who recently had found a job down in Orlando and would eventually move down there. Pretty soon after realizing we were going to have to change the lineup once Mike moved we kind of made the decision to start using pedals more regularly to sort of add new layers to the sound and also maintain sounds that Mike had been contributing to the music all along. Anyways, a few weeks after Mike announced he was officially leaving we had new pedals, new guitars, and what would ultimately come from these changes; a new sound. So we started using the pedals at practices and during writing and it was weird. It was all new to us. But at the same time it was exciting and different than what we were writing previously. Eventually we had stockpiled the little clips from jamming at practice and 15 second recordings of riffs, choruses, and intros all kind of slowly worked its way into demos and from there, the EP. Overall the EP has hints of a lot of different genres throughout but mainly it gives a Shoegaze/Dream-pop vibe with obvious nods to Emo and Indie throughout. For now it is only available on select outlets one of which is our bandcamp, but it will be available on Spotify, ITunes, Google Play, etc. within the next week or so.

We last spoke in late 2016 when you were just getting started. How have things progressed since?
This last year has been crazy honestly. To answer your question, I'd say things have progressed. Smooth-ishly. We've met a lot of great people, played a lot of awesome shows, and have made friends with so many talented bands. Our lead guitarist moved to Orlando (love ya miss ya Mike) which caused a slight change in lineup but it's been a smooth transition. We've had a few unfortunate times in the past year as well. A break-in, basement floods, Mono, and getting rained out at Fountain Square specifically come to mind when thinking of those unfortunate times. But stuff happens and I'm just glad that we've rolled with it all like we have. I think we've learned a lot in our year as a band and a lot of it comes from the experiences that we've been so lucky to have. So, thank you to everyone who's given us the chance to have those experiences.

Do you have plans to have a release party or to tour for the new EP?
As of right now nothing is locked down when it comes to a release party of any sort. Our main focus was just getting our music out since we've spent a better part of the year with only 2 singles available, so getting the EP out in a timely manner was the priority. In hindsight, yeah, maybe it would've been a good idea to have a release show at the time of the release itself (these are the things they should be teaching us in high school). We will definitely be aiming for something in the fall for an official release party. 

What is next for Jettison?
I think the next thing for us is getting out on the road more. We are really aiming to start playing out of town more and see all these cool places that bands we've played with come from. In the more recent future we are playing a show with Daisyhead and Balance & Composure on the 26th this month that's part of the River City Jam concert series. It's an understatement to say we are stoked to be able to play this show but I can't think of a word that better describes how we are feeling about it. Ecstatic. That's a good one. We are ecstatic.