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Gather Your Friends for Monty C. Benjamin at Ubahn

Monty C. Benjamin is making waves in the hip-hop scene! Born Dale James Montgomery III, Monty C. Benjamin is an American hip-hop recording artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. Since the age of 12, Monty has been using his talents, charisma, and stage presence everywhere from battle raps to talent shows.

Monty C. Benjamin has had an interest in music since the age of 12. The year 2011 brought Monty further into mainstream hip-hop when he released his first single, “Like This,” and was invited to perform at the SXSW Music Festival at the Illmore Mansion where he caught the eyes and ears of many renowned producers, including Arkane Beats and Khimera Records, under which he later released his next few projects. In 2014, he released his debut solo project called, “Yo! MCB Raps.” Then in Spring of 2015, Monty released his most recent solo project "Carpe Diem" Exclusively though the Khimera Website & DJ Booth. The projects features Ranges from frequent collaborator Arkane Beats, to popular producers like DK The Punisher & MjNichols.

According to Benjamin his writing process entails, “…a good conversation does the trick for me. Anytime in a conversation where a breakthrough is made, in the back of my mind I say "Man I gotta make a song about that". The "Friends" song in particular is inspired by one of my old friends that used to have nothing but negative things to say about someone she refers to as her "Bestie" on social media. It's funny to think how observing a conversation like that can turn into a catchy song.”

Don’t miss Monty C. Benjamin at Ubahn Fest on Saturday, September 9th!

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