Soul Step Records Announce SSR-022 with Young Heirlooms

Soul Step Records have announced their latest vinyl release, and the third Cincinnati Brewers Series event! This upcoming event will have Soul Step Records partnering with Braxton Brewing and Young Heirlooms!

This event will be held at Braxton Brewing on Saturday, August 5th. What to expect? A free concert from Young Heirlooms, a new infusion of one of Braxton’s flagship beers, the release of a brand new limited edition Young Heirlooms 7” vinyl singles, and a keep the glass pint night while supplies last.

This limited edition 7” vinyl single will take one of the tracks off the upcoming Young Heirlooms album, “Bury Me (With My Hammer)” The B-Side will feature an incredible version of Neil Young’s “Ohio.” This limited to 100 vinyl will be translucent blue with black wisps.

Soul Step Records is a Cincinnati based vinyl-only record label that has a unique business plan. Soul Step Records wants to release the vinyl for artists who cannot afford to get vinyl pressed. We pay all the upfront costs of manufacturing and releasing vinyl for our artists.