Historic Downtown Studio Renews Focus on Artist Recording

Formerly Sound Images, the new company Gwynne Sound is embracing the historic roots of its location with a focus on empowering artists.

Sound Images is becoming Gwynne Sound: a namesake derived from the historic building in which the business resides. Gwynne Sound was acquired by creative marketing executive and musician, Dan Carruthers and his wife Heather. Cincinnati-based musician and writer, Mia Carruthers has joined the team to lead the development of artist recording.

Gwynne Sound is a team of experienced engineers, marketers, composers, sound designers, artists and musicians. The Gwynne Sound mission is to empower artists by offering a full- service recording experience, inspiring work environments and comprehensive project pricing. Along with a new name, brand and culture, the studios at Gwynne will be undergoing a complete interior renovation to modernize the facilities and design environments conducive to creativity.

“This position at Gwynne Sound is the perfect intersection of my passion for music and Cincinnati. Our scene is rich with talented, driven and very capable artists. What we can offer them at Gwynne is not only a home to make records of the highest, competitive quality but also advice on what to do next - what to do after the record is finished.” - Mia Carruthers