Vibrant Troubadours Album Release at MOTR Pub

Vibrant Troubadours are releasing their sophomore album, Cool Grass, this Saturday at MOTR! Also playing will be The Whiskey Shambles and When Particles Collide. Music starts at 10p, but be sure to get there early!

We sat down with the band to discuss the new album, the release and what is next!

Tell us about the writing process for the new album…
The writing process for this album was pretty typical of how we do things. It's always just us jamming and everything stays spontaneous. Oftentimes, certain pieces and riffs turn into songs. The majority of a song is usually finished in one sitting.

What can fans expect at the album release?
Good times, good vibes, good drinks, good tunes, and great people

What does the new album mean to the band?
The album being released feels like a fresh start because we've had many of these songs for a while now and we are excited to get them out. We already have some new tunes we are looking forward to adding to the live sets as well.

What is next for Vibrant Troubadours?
You can expect a music video or two. We will be performing regionally on a regular basis in support of the album. Might be another tour by the end of the year as well. And of course, more songwriting. We are always writing new material.