Current Events Premiere Brand New Video

I hate to pick favorites, but Current Events is one of my favorite bands in the scene right now. They have heartfelt lyrics, charisma for days, and are busting with talent. Today they are releasing a video for their song, “Cupboard.” Daniel Chimusoro and Cory Woodruff with Scout Media Co handled the production and filming of the video.

According to Current Events, “Cupboard, like a lot of songs, is about a breakup. This song though, tackles a different angle of the subject.  It focuses on the aftermath that an individual goes through after a long-term breakup.  So much of yourself is defined by that commitment that was in your life, that when it's done you are just trying to find yourself and learn how to live and function without it.  This song is about picking up the pieces and rediscovering yourself without that other person as a part of you.

We thought we had our sound down until we write this song and then it hit us like "whoa, okay so this us who we really are as a band".  It pulls from our angst driven roots with raw emotion and keeps true to the emo sound that we love.  Bands that were inspirations for the song are along the lines if Copeland and Thrice.”