CincyMusic Relaunch: We Got a Facelift

CincyMusic has been completely redesigned! A family-owned company with over 100 contributors, CincyMusic is driven by our music community. The new site makes it even easier to discover concerts and local bands. This has been in the making for quite a while and we're excited to share it with you!

Please join us TONIGHT at The Southgate House Revival to celebrate our relaunch. Dead Man String Band is performing!
6:30 – 9p.  FREE!

What’s New?

  • New logo and website design!
  • Most complete concert calendar in Cincinnati
  • Favorite bands & shows to get a personalized concert calendar
  • More than 100 chances to win concert tickets, with more added every week
  • ...and much more! What are you waiting for?

While CincyMusic is driven by our music community, we would be nothing without those who have contributed and volunteered over the past 5 years. Each person who contributes, does it for the love of music, our city, and spreading the word of our music scene to the masses.

Alexa Cuttaia, Alicia Bertsche, Amy Painter-Heringer, Anna Stillman, Andrew Risch, Andy Foltz, Allison Hissong, Allison Rellar, Aria Pittman, Ashley Anderson, Ashley Peacock, B.L. Caldwell, Bill Sjulin, Brandon Adams, Brandon Varker, Brandon Weaver, Brandon Wheeler, Brian Glass, Briana Henry, Brittnee Walker, Bryan Burke, Caitlin Tracey-Miller, Calan Beasley, Chad Beatty, Chris Reebie, Crystal Brown, Chad Brown, Cullen Lewis, Dan Van Vechten, Devin McDine, Drew Money, Elaina McCormick, Eric Bishop, Erika NJ Allen, Eric Moderbacher, Erin Pierce, Ethan Bielik, Evan Koch, Ezra Plymesser, Heather Wolking, Hui Neng, Hunter Reed, Jacob Crews, Jacob Drabik, James Steed, Jamie Bender, Jared Bowers, Jenna Hoover, Jensen Faye, Jeremiah Hopkins, Jeremy Moore, Jesse Roos, John Crowell, Johnny Diehl, Johnny Hodge, Jon Medina, Jonathan Goolsby, Jordon Frank, Judy George, Julia Huber, Justa Howell, Katie Zitt, Kelly Berger, Kelly Painter-Kampsen, Kelly Thomas, Kenny Bassett, Kyle Pope, Kyle Rhodes, Kyle Ryder, Laura Freese, Lauren Schwab, Liz Janney, Matt Mooney, Matt Steffen, Matthew Taulbee, Michael Clare, Michael “Gabby” Gabbard, Michael Kearns, Mike Howard, Mike Zitt, Moose Gronholm, Moriah Lawson, Nat Tracey-Miller, Natalya Daoud, Natasha Beranek, Nate Cameron, Nick Hill, Nikita Gross, Nikki Murray,  Phil Dawson, Rachel Morrow, Randy Steffen, Rebecca Potzner, Ron Valle, Ryan Schatzman, Sarah McDermott-Shell, Savannah Chambers, Steve Thrasher, Tom Green, Tony Bailey, Travis Brandner, Venomous Valdez, Wayne Litmer, Will Barker, William Taylor, Zach Rogers, and anyone else who has supported us over the years.

The brand-new website is powered by Patchboard with logo design by Durham Brand & Co, and front-end web design by Nathan Gross of Building 13.

CincyMusic’s parent organization, Patchboard, builds websites and apps for several local venues and festivals including Bunbury Music Festival, Midpoint Music Festival, U.S. Bank Arena, The Cincinnati Cyclones, and The Madison Theater to name a few. Their robust database of artist profiles, build-your-own-schedule tool, and purpose built content management system helps promoters focus on selling tickets to their events instead of worrying about constantly updating their websites. These relationships give Patchboard the unique ability to build CincyMusic in a way that benefits our local music community.