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Jason Isbell Returns to Cincinnati

Jason Isbell is on his way to legend status. I first discovered Isbell in 2013. The amount of times that I have listened to “Elephant” and bawled my eyes out is off the charts. 

Isbell was a part of the Drive-By Truckers from 2001 until 2007. He released his first solo album in July of 2007. Isbell won two well deserved Grammy awards in 2016.

Jason Isbell possesses an incredible penchant for identifying and articulating some of the deepest, yet simplest, human emotions, and turning them into beautiful poetry through song. He sings of the everyday human condition with thoughtful, heartfelt, and sometimes brutal honesty, and the new album is no exception. The Nashville Sound features 10 new songs that address a range of real life subject matters including cultural privilege, longing nostalgia, love and mortality, and finding hope.

Jason Isbell and his mighty band the 400 Unit are playing PNC Pavilion with The Mountain Goats on Saturday, July 1st. Grab tickets while you still can HERE