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Jukebox the Ghost at Woodward Tonight

Talented, a little goofy and dedicated to the tour life, Jukebox the Ghost makes their return to Woodward Theater tonight. Comprised of Ben (Piano/Vocals), Tommy (guitar/vocals) and Jesse (drums/vocals), the power pop band is flying off the release of their kickstarter funded album, Long Way Home and after 10 years are still going strong on the road. But the tour life doesn’t mean shows only. Nope, the trio just released a brand-new Queen-inspired song titled, “Stay the Night.” Tonight’s show kicks off at 8PM at Woodward Theater with The Elwins. To get in the spirit of the ghost, we asked Ben a few questions about the band.

Tell us a little bit about Long Way Home -  How long did it take to write?
Well, since Long Way Home is a live album - I guess it took us over 10 years to write. 

Were you able to really perfect your vision with the outpouring of support from the kickstarter?
The kickstarter support was crucial in getting the equipment needed to record the shows and having the songs it mixed properly. We couldn't have done it without our fans helping. 

According to Twitter, in order to enjoy the new record…you have to eat it. What’s it taste like?
Like really good music. 

Your Facebook Bio is actually Taft’s bio…what’s up with that?
We put that in years ago when we first made the page and have since, against all odds and good advice, opted to keep it. 

Hitting over 1,000 shows is quite the benchmark. How do you all stay energized and inspired while on the road?
Lots of coffee.  That and the fact that we love touring. 

Your love for Queen is no secret. What’s your all-time favorite Queen song?
We LOVE playing (and listening to) Bicycle Race 

Will we hear any Queen covers at the show?
Yes!  Since it's hard to take HalloQueen on the road we will be doing a queen song we haven't ever done in these parts. 

Speaking of favorites….which song off of Long Way Home is your favorite to perform?
We love playing Hollywood because Jesse, the drummer, comes out and croons for a minute. Best part of the show for me. 

You’re surprising us with a new release this week! Are there plans for more surprises this year?
Many - but if I told you they wouldn't be a surprise.

If you could hang out with the ghost of anyone, who would you choose?
Casper - the friendly one.