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Don’t Sleep on Nightly at Woodward

Photo Cred Catie Laffoon

Nightly is a Nashville based alt-pop band headed to The Woodward on April 13th! They are touring in support of their honest EP. With their name translating as ’night, love you in textspeak, Nightly match their inventively textured sound with a guileless approach to lyric-writing. The EP includes the song “xo” which has amassed over 4 million streams across all digital streaming partners.

We had the chance to chat with Jonathan prior to the show at The Woodward Theater! Grab tickets to the show HERE.

Give us some background on Nightly…
Joey and myself (Jonathan) are cousins, and we’ve been making music (mostly noise) for most of our lives. Having been in a couple of different bands throughout the years, we took a recreational trip to Los Angeles to hang with some friends and write music. At the end of the trip we had 4 or 5 songs that we had written and recorded in a tiny bedroom in LA that we knew were special. I remember the plane ride back to Nashville playing those songs on repeat. When we got back we decided that we wanted to start our own band – that was the beginning of nightly. 

Tell us what one can experience at a live show…
This is the most fun part of being in a band for us. The visual element of our band is very important, so we built a light show and programmed our own lights. We like to think about it like bringing people into our own universe, even if it’s only for 45 minutes or so. 

How is life on the road? Any crazy stories you can share?
We’re still pretty new so we haven’t had anything too crazy happen. Also, we’re fans of music, so we know what it’s like to go crazy for a band we love. We’ve been really lucky to have some amazing fans who have driven a long way to see us, which is amazing. 

What is next for Nightly?
Lots of touring. More videos. Maybe a few surprises. You can follow along @nightly. Thanks for taking the time to interview us!