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Soviet Stops at MOTR

SOVIET is the brainchild of accomplished electronic artist & composer Keith Ruggiero. Inspired by Russian cinema & analog synthesizers, the sound of SOVIET is uniquely dreamy with a lush composition of liquid guitar melodies, shimmering synthesizers, and lead singer Keith Ruggiero’s rich, baritone vocals. SOVIET recalls 1980s UK music like New Order and Human League. The band has toured with Stereototal and supported acts like Peaches, Fischerspooner, The Faint, The Killers and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  

We sat down with Keith Ruggiero prior to the show Wednesday at MOTR Pub with Moving Units and Viktor Fiction!

Give us some background on Soviet….
Soviet has had a long history. Started at Syracuse university in the early 90s, fell into the electro clash scene in the early 2000s took a long break where I started my sound design and music composition company Soundsred in Los Angeles. Got inspired in 2015 started writing again came out with ghosts, was asked to go back out on thee road with Viktor Fiction and moving Units so I thought it was a good time give it another go. Looking forward to playing more regularly now that I have an ep in the works. 

What prompted your interest in Russian cinema?
When I was at film school, Watching the masters at work like Vertov and Eisenstein inspired me musically. I thought their editing style and Aesthetic mirrored what I was trying to do with Soviet. 

What can Cincinnati expect at the show at MOTR?
Hearts on sleeves, running while crying sensations and chills on the low of your back.  

How has life on the road been thus far? Any crazy happenings?
The tour has been incredible so far. I'm traveling with an amazing group of people that are like family at this point. We're all playing in each other's bands so it's like a new wave post punk review. Craziest thing so far for us Angelinos has been the brutal mind numbing cold weather we experienced in Montreal other than that it's been smooth sailing. We've been keeping warm from the enthusiasm and love we've been experiencing from the crowds throughout the tour. It's something your definitely not going to want to miss.