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Premiere of HereComeHere Single I Don’t Get it

HereComeHere are releasing their Sophomore full-length, Chernobyl on April 8th! Check out the premiere of their single, “I Don’t Get it!”

“This was the first song we wrote for the new album, and to me feels like a very complete song.  We performed it live long before we entered the studio and got a tremendous positive reaction from our fans.  Lyrically, it was inspired by several less-than-fruitful relationships the band was involved in and how life seems to play a cruel joke on you that everyone else seems to be in on – the frustration of those manifested into the attitude of this song.  The song carries so much focus and energy that it really helped us move past everything we felt was holding us back and push forward; musically, personally, and professionally.” – Josh Smith, lead guitar

Check it out HERE