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Lung are Taking Over the United States

Photo By Travis Brandner

On Saturday, March 18th Lung will release their first record, Bottom of the Barrel at  The Northside Tavern with Pop Empire and Pleasure Boys (Louisville)! After the release show, they are headed out on a three-month U.S. tour! 

We jumped at the chance to chat with Kate and Daisy prior to this exciting time for Lung!

Tell us about the new release, Bottom of the Barrel
Daisy: Bottom of the Barrel is our first record, and was recorded on accident in a haunted Masonic lodge in Northern Kentucky.

Being veterans of the road, do you still have that same excitement each time you head out?
Kate: Yes! For sure. 

Daisy: Oh, definitely. The road is a constant, but it's never the same. 

How did the two of you start to make music together?
Daisy: We both thought each other were awesome at music, and collaborated in the band Babe Rage. After that band broke up, we kept playing music as a duo.

What can we expect at the release show at Northside Tavern?
Kate: It's going to be a really fun time. Pleasure Boys from Louisville and one of my favorite Cincinnati bands Pop Empire will be playing as well.

Daisy: Albums available for sale, a Tina Fey impersonator introducing us, excitement, tears of joy, intense feelings of belonging and togetherness. 

What is next for Lung?
Daisy: Tour until we get arrested. Make another record. Become YouTube sensations. 

Kate: We're going to record another full length or at least an EP this summer. That and write about a million more songs.