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Urban Artifact Hosts Jam & Funk Bands Through March

Urban Artifact will be welcoming in a slew of reputable national touring and local jam/funk bands through the end of March. 

With stellar acts such as Glostik Willy and Earphorik from across state lines in Indiana, Broccoli Samurai and Wanyama from Cleveland, Mister F from New York, Bath Salt Zombies from Florida, UA is starting welcome in hula hoops, tye-dye and noodly guitars.

"I never really got into jam music, but some buddies of mine allowed me to come to some practices and I was able to start to understand and appreciate the music and the scene a little better." Says Jeremy Moore, the booking coordinator for Urban Artifact.

"The jam scene is kind of like a big family who happens to love music and craft beer. What a better place to celebrate that than at a brewery/venue."

UA is also giving local acts the opportunity to open for these bigger names so that they can get a leg in with a wider audience base.

"The jam scene is a close knit and supportive fan base that always shows constructive criticism that helps every artist push themselves to their full creative potential." - says Josh Bastin of the local funk/jam band Ample Parking, who will get the opportunity to play with Mister F and Earphorik on March 9th.

"UA opening it's doors to national reputable jam bands is an excellent opportunity for local acts to showcase their improvisational style to a wide range of other artists and fans as it's getting more rare around the Cincinnati music scene."

Here's the dates and lineups for this celebration of all things funk and jam at Urban Artifact (1660 Blue Rock St - Northside)

2/24 - Wanyama & Strange Mechanics at 9pm
3/3 - Broccoli Samurai / Love Alive / SolEcho at 9pm ($10)
3/9 - Earphorik / Mister F / Ample Parking @ 9pm
3/31 - Glostik Willy / Bathsalt Zombies @9pm 

Urban Artifact is a brewery/music venue nestled in the center of Northside's Arts and Entertainment district where you can catch live music and entertainment 7 days a week