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The Carnegie Presents: Charlie Chaplin in THE KID

The Carnegie’s new G.E.T. Together series continues with Charlie Chaplin in THE KID: Classic Film, Live Music. The classic Charlie Chaplin film, THE KID, will play in the Otto M. Budig Theatre with live accompaniment by pianist Jeff Rapsis on Thursday, March 2, 2017

Charlie Chaplin was already the world's most popular comedian and filmmaker when he produced THE KID, his first feature-length project. The film follows the story of The Tramp, who finds an abandoned baby on the street and raises the child, named John, to be his partner in minor crime. Eventually the child and his mother cross paths - but John and The Tramp go on the lam.

Rapsis will breathe new life into the comedy with a score improvised in real time. “It’s kind of a high-wire act, but a score that’s at least partly improvised lends a freshness and spontaneity to a screening that’s not present when everything’s prepared in advance,” Rapsis says. “If I’m buried in sheet music it’s hard to respond to the emotional line of a film in real time as it unfolds on the screen. I think it is all part of what makes silent film a unique art unto itself.”

Tickets are $21 and may be purchased through The Carnegie Box Office at 859.957,1940, open Tuesday through Friday, noon to 5pm, or online at www.thecarnegie.com