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Freedom Nicole Moore Debuts Video for Different

Freedom Nicole Moore (Formerly Marisa Moore) is a Cincinnati native and has lived here her whole life, however since changing her first name to Freedom and adopting her full name as her stage persona, she feels that her mission of building hope and liberation fit all the more. The name change has carried with it her passion for connecting people through music, and driven her to release a new music video for her song “Different”. The video was done in collaboration with local production company The YES LIFE and does a good job of conveying the varied musical styles that have influenced Freedom’s sound over the years including; Soul, Funk, Folk, Rock and Roll and Rhythm and Blues.  

The song is from Freedom’s debut album Where Freedom Lies which was recorded and released under her old Moniker ‘Marisa Moore’. "I believe 100% in the power of taking hold of life and making it new and your own/resilience and redemption if you will and the power of names of course both of which inspired this. And I love my new name. I believe you should do what YOU love and don't settle for what you don't. Once I discovered my old name meaning I felt I'd lived it and wanted the change. The name meant bitter, rebellion, wished for child." She states. She also tries to bring these ideals into her live performance which benefits from her audio production skills as well as her creative use of looped acapella vocals, acoustic guitar, Ukelele and light percussion. The songs lyrical content focus on finding Identity and Liberation, which are a sharp contrast from the inner city struggles she grew from, but all sharp contrasts make these high ideals all the more clear to see.  

Freedom will also be playing live at Myrtle's Punch House on April 8th, 2017 with Lauren Eylise at 10pm 

Freedom Nicole Moore is a twenty-eight year old Cincinnati born and raised singer-songwriter, who writes in an amalgamation of funk, soul, folk, rock and R-n-B styles. She wants to build hope, liberate and create human connections through her music. Her debut album “Marisa Moore - Where Freedom Lies” was released on August 19,2016. She has performed with Royal Holland and the Rotation, Lauren Eylise and JSPH at various venues around the city including, MOTR Pub, Bogart’s, The Listing Loon and more.