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Cat Casual and The Holy Midnight

William Benton aka Cat Casual has played in a number of bands such as The Phantom Family Halo, Bodyhammer, Lucky Pineapple, Shilpa Ray, and has collaborated with folks such as Bonnie Prince Billy, Steve Shelley, Steve Wynn, and Makoto Kawabata to name just a few.

How do you tie all of those experiences together? For Benton, it’s assuming the identity of Cat Casual. A synthesis of his disparate interests. Cat Casual is a catch for all of his creativity, a cool and, well, casual approach to songwriting that feel natural and earned.

Cat Casual is about scope, scale and the ability to pull it off. From song to song there is no one right way to go about anything. There is a manic energy barely contained throughout every song, seething quietly in the background. A realization of the collective experience of everyone involved, Benton’s vision is distinct and colorful, as much as the result of experience as any one influence.

Catch Cat Casual and The Holy Midnight Friday at The Listing Loon!

Cat Casual and The Holy Midnight
w/ Tender Mercy & Rachel Mousie
Friday, February 24th
The Listing Loon