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Von Claire is Ready to Dance Your Face Off on Friday

Von Claire is an ElectroPop band from right here in Cincinnati. Claire of Von Claire was in the band Along the Shore prior to starting this project. It may seem like a strange shift to go from a folk band to ElectroPop, but it works.

Von Claire has a show this Friday at The Southgate House Revival with So Long, Stargazer and Audley! Grab your tickets HERE. We rushed at the chance to get to know this exciting new band prior to the show.

Give us some background on Von Claire…
I’ve had a vision for this project for years now. I've always loved the energy that ElectroPop music has given me, and I wanted to create my own version of that. Thanks to Branden Meade (my counterpart for VC and former ATS bandmate) and longtime friend and fellow artist, Noah Smith, this vision started taking shape! I’ve also been working closely with Philip Smith aka Eugenius for some time now, too. I've got the best team EVER! And couldn’t be happier with how things are rolling.  

The music of Von Claire is quite the shift from Along the Shore, tell us about the transition… 
I get asked that question a lot. People are like, “Wait…you’re doing WHAT now?”

But no, really…ATS was my entire life for many years. And working with some of the guys that I did, without a doubt helped lay the groundwork for VC. I will say, we are operating at a whole other level than what ATS was. It’s terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. 

I still have a deep love for all things folky/alternative. But my real, TRUE self has always wanted to dive head first into this Electro/Hip-hop realm. I finally feel like my inner-most me is really happy, ya know? And I just think that’s really beautiful.  

What can one expect at a live Von Claire show?
DANCING! Lots of moving, letting loose and singing your face off. I wanted to create an actual EXPERIENCE for my fans. You know, the kind where hours after the show is over, they’re all still singing the hook from my song, and still grinning and feeling that good energy. Just come prepared to dance, feel, and connect with me. That’s my favorite part - connecting with the crowd. Gets me every single time.  

What is next for Von Claire?
Sheesh. That’s a loaded question!

A lot. There is a lot on the horizon for VC. It’s so hard to keep it all under wraps because I just want to shout it all from the rooftops! But, I will say this…we are in the process of getting a single together and are working on a tentative release date. More juicy details will follow in the next month or so! 

Von Claire