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Telehope Celebrate New Album at Madison LIVE

Telehope is an indie pop band from the Cincinnati area. They will be celebrating the release of their new album, Chasing Dreams, this Saturday, January 7th at Madison LIVE! Joining them will be Local Waves and This Pine Box. Doors are at 6:30p and show starts at 7:30p! Go grab your tickets HERE

The first single, “Joy”, on the album is being described as a "pop-symphony to happiness" and I have to agree. The energy this band releases is contagious.

We sat down with the band prior to the release show this Saturday!

How did you all meet?
A few of us have been friends for a very long time. We met through high school speech and debate classes, working at Chik-fil-a, and two of the band members are actually distant cousins. We all quickly became best friends and had the same goal of “making it big” with music. We started out with playing music while hanging out for fun which turned into starting a band. 

What can one expect at a live show?
You can expect a high-energy performance with lots of crowd interaction. We want the people there to feel like they’re a part of the band. We try our best to put on a great show that leaves the crowd wanting more.  

Tell us about the new album, Chasing Dreams
As a group of young 18 to 21-year-old musicians we have a dream of spreading hope and positivity through our music with Telehope. Chasing Dreams is the culmination of almost two-years-worth writing, recording, and revising our favorite songs. One of the most notable aspects about our album is that it is completely self-produced, essentially giving us “unlimited” studio time to make sure every song was arranged, recorded, and produced exactly how we wanted them. This album is extremely important to us because each song conveys very personal messages and our life experiences.

What is next for Telehope?
We are going to be promoting our album through shows and social media these next few months while working on writing for our next EP. We’ve created and will be using #telehopetuesday to promote our band by posting a short clip every week of us singing a song suggested by our followers the previous week. We have a goal of joining up with some other known local bands in the Cincinnati area and putting together some on-the-road shows and also play bigger festivals. We are working as hard as we can to make our dreams become a reality.