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Royal Recommends: Frontier Folk Nebraska

Royal Holland got tired of people not knowing or seemingly not caring about music from amazing musicians who don't have the marketing power to make you want to get their music. Often times, the music being posted is free, it only costs a small amount of your time, and could change the way you look at creativity. Support the ones close to you and they will sprout wings.  Royal Recommends is a way to showcase these bands. 

Frontier Folk Nebraska
I had been hearing how great these folks were for a long time, but as these things go, was on tour, or playing a show, or busy with obligations every time I saw that they were playing. I was intrigued by their name, which I'm sure a lot are, and even slightly confused, which I'm sure a lot are, but I think this makes the FFN experience all the more mystical.  

While some of their press material explains that they are neither a Folk band, nor from Nebraska, they do no positioning about this from the stage. They simply rock your faces, and allow the music do the work.

I was more than pleased to finally have the chance to play a bill with these dudes at The Southgate House Revival, along with My Brother's Keeper, and also my touring brothers, Joshua Powell & the Great Train Robbery.

Anyway, that's all besides the point. To see FFN as a group of people is to be slightly confused. Are they channeling the early aught indie rock band aka Grandaddy? Are they part late 90's metal? Wait, maybe they're going to Weezer us alla sudden...

Well, sorry ya'll none of those are really right. What these guys are is a super good rock band. There are definite southern rock influences, I could see them opening up for a My Morning Jacket tour easily. In fact, FFN, you should really get on that. GO out there and get huge, because ya'll deserve that. You work hard, you write killer songs and your performances are impeccable.

So, you frontier folks, please go check out their music. They've got a ton up on their band camp page (I mean you can get their entire catalog for like $30 bucks?!?! But seriously, just at least stream a couple songs, maybe toss ‘em a few bucks. I wish I could tell you how much that does for a group's morale, to know that somebody still cares. I mean every time someone gives me a few bucks, I'm set for making at least two more albums...

I really like their Live album, This One's For the Kid in the Back. it was recorded at Southgate House, and really captures the energy of their live set.

So, 3 things.

1. Start listening with “Desert Car Chase”
2. Just listen to the whole thing, ok?
3. Buy Something. 

Oh, and they just announced that they will be playing SXSW in March, WHAT?!