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Review: Garth Brooks

Photos By Ron Valle

Last night was the first of five shows at U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati for legend Garth Brooks and the impeccable Trisha Yearwood. The duo haven’t visited the Queen City in over twenty years. We have missed them. So. Much. 

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are currently on the last leg of the three-year Garth Brooks World Tour.  Let that sink in…3 years. In most cities, they often perform two shows per night. After a Holiday break, the duo were ready get back to life on the road.

A timer counted down to show time. The anticipation was intense. Brooks broke out on stage in his signature cowboy hat and Cincinnati went wild. Garth exclaimed during his second song, “Rodeo” – “You came to sing, right?” Deafening roars from the crowd proved that we were all ready.

Brooks exclaimed from the stage, “I’m just like you, and when I spend money to see concerts, I want to hear the old stuff!” We were not disappointed, the old stuff started with “Rodeo,” “The Beaches of Cheyenne,” Two Pina Coladas,” “Papa Loved Mama” and an energetic rendition of “Ain’t Going Down (‘Til the Sun Comes Up).”

“You have to understand by now that I’m about 115 years old, so I’m gonna need you to pick me up and keep me going all night,” Brooks joked to his fans. He certainly didn’t act 115 as he ran, jumped and climbed over all of the circular stage, spreading his contagious energy to his fans for close to three hours.

Garth Brooks 

If you ever needed relationship goals, Garth and Trisha are the ones to have. About halfway into the show Yearwood joined Brooks on stage for a powerful version of “In Another’s Eyes.” She then broke out into “American Girl.” The crowd was in love with her. Her next song is one near and dear to her heart. “Prizefighter” describes for her, “The fight we all fight. It's the courage to get up every day and give it your best shot, no matter the odds.” Yearwood lost her mom to breast cancer.  She dedicated the song to anyone currently kicking cancers ass. As the song played, the arena lit up in pink. Not a dry eye was in the house.  Yearwood then brought the crowd into a frenzy with “She’s in Love With the Boy.” 

Towards the end of the night, Brooks exclaimed to his adoring fans, “The first greatest gift I have ever received was being able to raise my babies. The second was for you guys to allow me to start up this tour and if you let me, I won’t make it another 20 years before I come back.”

Cincinnati is going to hold you to that Garth. View all the photos from the opening performance here!

Garth Brooks