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Mad Anthony Keeps on Truckin’

Mad Anthony has undergone quite the feat with their series of 52 songs in 52 weeks and aren’t done yet! This week's release is about their demo process and they are giving away a free album of all the songs they demoed before they started Mad Anthology! Holy crap guys! Go listen NOW! 

Adam Flaig of Mad Anthony says about the release:
It's a dream scenario for any band. We got to record in a comfortable space, with our own engineer, surrounded by nature and without time or financial restraints. We had a pile of songs we had been sitting on, mostly unfinished. This gave us the time and freedom to finish them and then figure out what the next project would be. In two days we finished writing and recorded rough versions of 15 songs. We were a well oiled machine and we were all totally connected. I remember at one point even stopping and saying to myself "This is a special moment." The three of us didn't need to talk much, we already knew what the other person was thinking. We were at our peak.  

The recordings from this session would eventually turn into Sank For Days. The tracks left over would become the foundation for Mad Anthology.

I still get goosebumps thinking about this weekend with Arthur at Ian's studio. I'm so happy to share this story with you as well as one of the original songs that helped put Mad Anthology in motion.



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