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Interview: Datsik hits Bogart's this Sunday

Cincinnati loves its bass. Don’t believe it? Come to Bogart’s this Sunday for Datsik’s Ninja Nation tour stop to see for yourself. Known to rattle a room new bass hip hop producer, Datsik, is making his rounds with a unique high-tech production called the Shogun stage after recently releasing the Sensai EP. Packed with insane energy and well, bass, the Shogun stage adds another level of “bad-assery” to Datsik’s show and plays off of his love for ninja culture.

Now, this isn’t Datsik’s first visit to the Queen City. In fact, many have great memories with the producer and his music. So, we did something a little different and asked the #CincyEDM community on Facebook  to come up with some questions to ask Datsik. Stream the SENSEI EP hereand check out what the group asked and how Datsik answered.

Are you working on another big project or any collabs?
Doing a lot of music with Ephwurd these days, writing different sounding shit, as well as doing more Datsik collabs, have another one in the works with Excision and also very excited to get cracking on more collabs with Virtual Riot while we are on the bus. Gonna be living together for 3 months, why not! 

Venturing outside of dubstep and bass, what genre would you go for and why?
I love dabbling around with other stuff like hip-hop, dnb, drum step, etc etc. and as Ephwurd we have been writing a lot of house music and pop music. It’s actually been really fun exploring different genres and seeing what we’re truly capable of writing. It’s expanded my mind a bit and all in all, regardless of what comes out of it, I think that’s the most important thing you can ask for as an artist!

If you could be any Pokemon which would it be?
I would be Abra because he’s a psychic type Pokemon..  he’s the most mystical and he can teleport. Doing gigs would be a breeze with Teleport in my arsenal! :)

What are you currently listening to?
I am currently on a flight heading to Detroit for our first show, and right now I am bumping some Breakage. He’s awesome. However, my playlist more recently has become quite eclectic.. I don’t find myself listening to much bass music as I am constantly in the studio writing it and I find it works better when you put some space between listening to it everyday and writing it! 

What’s your favorite festival?
I would probably have to say my favorite festival to play would have to be Shambhala Music Festival. It’s gonna be my 10th year this year and it just gets better and better every year. It’s all PK sound in a forest with all of my friends - on top of that.. you can’t really ask for much more in terms of vibe, and the staff from the festival are all so legit. People will work there for free just to be there. It’s so legit, I highly recommend checking it out if you ever get the chance. 

How difficult was it to transition to another brand/style and build upon it? What was the key to fruition?
It was definitely difficult at first, however it’s so much fun, and I get to travel and bounce around the globe with my best friend. We have tons of fun and crush sushi like no other in every city we go to, so it always feels like a new adventure. Musically, I feel some of the new Ephwurd stuff we are writing at the moment is some of my favorite stuff I’ve done in quite some time, as it kinda is a balance between pop and bass music. I have a feeling this next EP we are working on will catch some attention! 

What can we expect for the show on the 22nd?
Madness, this new stage and what I’m wearing all tie in some crazy ideas I’ve always wanted to live out as a kid. I feel it’s a piece that has truly been missing from the ninja Datsik arsenal and I think kids are gonna be stoked on the outcome. On top of that we are coming in hot with a massive PK sound system and tons of good vibes. Expect good things, we are planning on blowing it up! 

The production for this tour looks out of this world. Did you help with the creation? Will we see the full set up in Cincinnati?
Yeah I drew the idea on a napkin once again and my team from Beama Visuals and I designed the stage built on the sketch. The final piece of the stage was built at Iron Head studios (same people that do the props and costumes for the Marvel movies). You will see it set up and in action, how much of it will depend on the room size. We will bring in as much as we can of it, so expect it to be rammed in there!

How do you find new music?
I go through a lot of demos running Firepower Records so naturally I stumble across quite a bit of cool new shit.. I also really try and listen to a lot of deep shit as well to inspire ideas. I rarely listen to heavy dubstep unless I’m putting my set together or playing it out. Sometimes I also find new stuff off of friends recommendations. 

Who's your favorite saiyan?
Vegeta, obviously. He’s the prince of all Saiyans. 

Where did you find the inspiration for Sensei?
It was actually the last track finished on the EP. At that point I bounced around the EP and got people's thoughts on it, and the general consensus was that I should roll with it as the title track...and I’m happy I did, as it makes sense now that I have the stage built. The two should tie into each other nicely. 

How did you meet Bassnectar?
I think I first met Bassnectar quite some time ago. I heard he was playing one of my tracks, Southpaw, and I was ecstatic over the fact. I remember standing at the Village stage (at Shambhala) and bumping into him with his hood up watching another act. We stood there and watched  together and just vibed out in front of the giant PK rig, and had a bit of wine and chatted over music. Since then, nothing has changed.. he’s now a good friend and still my idol, and one of the most humble down to earth dudes I’ve ever met. Everyone should be like him in some way! I’m a Basshead for life. 

Does the song Black Beatles speak to you?
Haha I would say so. Only because my last name is Beetles though. Also the Beatles, the band, are also my cousins. Who woulda thought? Lol 

Social media has become a great way for artists to really connect with fans. Datsik’s Ninja Squad is a group that has really stood out to me and has helped show a more personable side to you. Can you tell us about your connection with that group?

I’m so appreciative of the Ninja Squad group. They are all my family and I couldn’t ask for a doper group of humans to be repping the squad. That whole group is so positive and ill do anything for them! Ninja squad for life!! :)

Datsik hits Cincinnati this Sunday, January 22, at Bogart’s with Crizzly, Virtual Riot and local support, DStapes. Tickets are available at www.ninjanationtour.com