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Get to Know Monty C. Benjamin

Cincinnati native Monty C. Benjamin is back with his latest effort "Friends" which premiered earlier this month on 101.1 The Wiz. “Friends” is a new anthem for women and men alike. Give it a listen, I guarantee you will keep it on repeat, I did. A new album is in the works and we are SO excited to hear it.

We sat down with Monty to get to know this budding superstar.

Give us some background on Monty C. Benjamin…
My name is Monty C. Benjamin hailing from the west side of Cincinnati, OH. As early as 12 I had an interest in music because it was the thing I that I did naturally and was sincerely passionate about. Also, my older cousins gave me the motivation I needed because they also did music, For the longest I used seek validation from them to be viewed as an artist. By the time they gave me what I was looking for, I was too obsessed with the craft to stop. I released material as early as 2009 but I didn't start actually pursuing music as a a profession until early 2012. In 2014 I released my debut solo project called "Yo! MCB Raps" under Khimera Records LLC. Khimera Records is independent label/clothing line founded by Arkane Beats (Producer/Engineer/Graphic Designer/Etc) ProFound (Producer/Artist) 222 (Artist) and Myself.

Tell us about your writing process...
As of late a good conversation does the trick for me. Anytime in a conversation where a breakthrough is made, in the back of my mind I say "Man I gotta make a song about that". The "Friends" song in particular is inspired by one of my old friends that used to have nothing but negative things to say about someone she refers to as her "Bestie" on social media. It's funny to think how observing a conversation like that can turn into a catchy song.

Give us a glimpse of the forthcoming album, what can we expect?
With every project I make, I try to make a statement that reflects not only the current climate of music but who I am as an artist, This next project will be filled with great storytelling, More detail on where I am currently in life, better production choices, honesty and above all more confidence in my sound.  

What is next for Monty C. Benjamin?
More shows in and outside of the Tri-State area, Consistent visuals, increasing my digital presence and more overall growth as a person to make better music. I always say "As long as I'm living and taking time to reflect on it, I'll never run out of material." You can find my most recent project "Carpe Diem" on Soundcloud,Tidal, Apple Music, Google Play, Pandora and many other blogs and streaming sites. 

Besides music, what is a passion of yours?
When I'm not doing music, I'm thinking of fashion. Always looking for innovative designs to inspire me to create ideas for our clothing line "Dream Impossible Clothing Co." One day I want to own a small boutique filled with designs I always dreamed of and have a section in the store to help aspiring designers get their businesses started.