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Joesph Release Glowing Flower in Walnut Hills

Joesph is comprised of Joey Cook (Pomegranates), Pierce Geary (Pomegranates), and Devyn Glista (The Kickaways). They are releasing a new EP, Glowing Flower on Saturday, January 7th. They are also gearing up for their new full-length coming later this winter. The release show on January 7th will be at O-Pie-O in Walnut Hills. A first of hopefully many shows to come there. 

We sat down with the band to discuss the new EP, get some background, and find out what is on the horizon for Joesph!

CincyMusic.com: Give us some background on Joesph...
Pierce Geary: Joey had this cache of songs he didn't have a suitable outlet for and when he finally decided to put a band together to flesh out the recordings he had made on his own he invited me to be a part of the project. We had played together in Pomegranates and I guess there was some kind of chemistry, so it wasn't a difficult decision.

Joey Cook: Yeah, I had basically recorded like three and a half albums or something, and Pomegranates was slowing down, and I wanted to keep playing shows.  Pierce and I were already having fun playing together, so that was easy, and Devyn was playing guitar in that band The Kickaways, and he was like, "I can play drums, whatever" or something, so... it all worked out pretty organically, the way you'd want it to.

Devyn Glista: Chance 

CM: Tell us about the new EP…
JC: Well, it's called Glowing Flower, which is the name of the opening song of the EP, which happens to be an alternate version of the final third of a song from the next Joesph album. I was listening to a fair amount of Ashra and Popol Vuh, and stuff like that, and I wanted to keep sort of tipping the hat to those feelings, as I was already kind of doing in our first release, Return to Pavilion of Dreams, and a little bit on the first full-length, There Comes the Lord.

PG: The EP explores and celebrates the true femininity that sustains us and elevates everyone.

JC: Yeah, that's very true.  The next album, called Temples, I recorded a few years ago, and wrote a few years before that.  It was kind of a personal healing exercise, as well as an experiment in writing songs with no real hooks or choruses or anything like that.  Also, very focused on the conceivable mystical and powerful aspects of the feminine nature.  Visions in dreams kind of stuff.

DG: Different  

CM: What can one expect at a live show?
JC: The three of us took these songs that were already recorded, and worked out versions that made more sense, or were more exciting live.  We're just kind of holding on and having fun.

DG: sweat 

CM: What is next for Joesph?
PG: It seems like we could be doing this for a long time...

JC:  Temples, a live album, I Dreamed You Were My Lover, Nite Vibes, Triple Fantasy/Taking it Easy, etc... and shows.

DG: Japan