Harbour Ready for All Star Lineup at The Madison Theater

Harbour is a staple Cincinnati band. Although they only came onto the scene in 2014, they have already played Bunbury Music Festival, won The Underground’s Battle of the Bands, and released a full length album. Impressive, right? On Saturday, December 17th they are playing at Madison Theater with their friends BoyMeetsWorld, Nick D’ and The Believers, and Northbound. It’s one heck of a lineup and we jumped at the chance to chat with Ryan of Harbour in advance of the show!

CincyMusic.com: What can your fans expect at the show on December 17th?
Harbour: Our fans can expect an extremely high energy show (from all bands) as well as a lot of new music that we are very excited about unveiling. We've put a lot into this show and upon moving up to the big stage, we want to rise to the occasion and kind of hint at what the next chapter looks like for Harbour. 

CM: This show has a stellar lineup. Who are some of your favorite bands to play with?
H: We love to play with our friends. We try to make sure our bills make sense from a genre standpoint as much as we can, but to us I think having a blast with our fans and friends makes for a better show for everybody. We're definitely playing with some great friends at this one and we can't wait to take the stage. 

CM: What is next for Harbour?
H: We are currently wrapping up writing for our next album. We've written so much new material that we are incredibly excited about and narrowing them down will be difficult, but we are anticipating recording a full length album of what we feel are the best songs we've ever written.  

Come hear some of them live on December, 17th at Madison Theater and decide for yourself! 

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