Taylor Shannon Releasing The Greenbriar Road Friday

Friday night at the Madison Theater, Taylor Shannon is releasing the EP The Greenbriar Road. Another video from the EP, “Emily” has been released as well. Shannon lost his mom to an overdose in July and this is a tribute to her.

This EP is very personal to Shannon. Each song holds a special place in his heart. “Rain Song” was the first song he ever wrote. He was about 17 in his first apartment experimenting with an old Tascam 4 track. 

“Me & You” is commonly mistaken for a typical backroad love song, however this song is about battling substance abuse and recalling a simpler time in life. Clinging on to youth and wondering what happened and how it all went wrong. A couple Tracy Lawrence references recall cruising cheap bear in cheaper vehicles with his old friend Ax’l.

“Grandpa (Old Dirty Demo)” is loosely based about the relationship Shannon had with his mother’s father growing up. It was not good to say the least. Since then they have found some common ground and he is someone he truly cares for and respects. Shannon is very thankful for the relationship they have now. He wishes that his mom was around to hear this one.

Come celebrate with Taylor Shannon on the EP release of The Greenbriar Road with Reckless Kelly. It will be a journey for the soul. 

Grab your tickets HERE.