Soul Step Records Announces SSR-014 & SSR-015

SSR-014 is Nashville based REPUBLICAN HAIR. This artist, or project, conjures the flamboyant musicality of The Cars, Devo, The Clash and Talking Heads. The man behind REPUBLICAN HAIR remains a mystery but word has it he is behind some of current Country music’s biggest radio hits, which only adds to the mystery and intrigue behind REPUBLICAN HAIR. The limited edition vinyl is called “AMERICAN NEAPOLITAN VINYL” and will be a tri-color 7” vinyl in good old Red, White and Blue. This variant will be limited to 100 copies before moving to standard black vinyl. Release date for REPUBLICAN HAIR will be November 25th.

SSR-015 is the next release in the CINCINNATI BREWERS SERIES. They did not expect how big this arm of the company would get, and are excited to share that the next release partners Cincy newcomers SYLMAR with a show at Listermann Brewing Company. The event will be on Saturday, December 3rd at 7:00PM. Just like the previous event at Madtree, SYLMAR will play a free show at Listermann, They will release the limited to 100 “OCEAN BLUE VINYL,” Listermann will release a new beer AND they will have pint glasses to give away. There is no better way to celebrate two of Cincinnati’s best scenes - music and craft beer!

SYLMAR has crashed the local music scene and have won fans over quickly with their specific brand of dreamy indie rock. This 7” vinyl will be the debut single from SYLMAR and will cement their place as a force to be reckoned with in Cincinnati.