Review: Seven Lions

Some say Sundays are for rest. Others say Sundays are for brunch and bloody mary’s. This past Sunday, Cincinnati said Sundays were for losing yourself to the music. In the midst of The Journey Tour, Seven Lions found his way back to the Queen City with support from Pegboard Nerds, Unlike Pluto, Grum and Cincinnati local, Chuck Diesel. 

Hitting just over a year since his last Cincinnati stop, this time around Seven Lions graced the stage at Bogart’s with mesmerizing stage production. Instead of the typical lasers and confetti, he stood as a silhouette in the midst of geometrically cut projection screens. Every song and drop had an image and every head bang and hair flip was documented as a shadow against the light. Unique in its own right, the whole setup was custom designed and built complete with original video content.

Check out pics from the show HERE!

Now, it wasn’t named The Journey Tour for nothing. Seven Lions lead the late night adventure with house, trance and even some dubstep mixing in work from his peers with his own original work. It was unpredictable and ever-moving. Each song and drop was perfectly paired with images upon the screen that truly took the audience on a journey from beautiful forest scenes, intergalactic realms and the fiery unknowns.

Seven Lions’ ability to mix music to connect so strongly with the crowd is uncanny. One moment, you’ll find yourself slipping into a nostalgic, emotional state with a song like ‘Falling Away’. Enveloped in the warmth of the track, then BOOM, he snaps you out of it with a hard hitting track like ‘Summer of the Occult’. The Journey Tour is an emotional rollercoaster worth riding.

If you missed the show, catch The Journey Tour in Indianapolis on December 1st.