Redmoor Rocks with Copper's New Album Release

Cincinnati legends Chris Arduser, Bob Nyswonger, Brian Lovely, George Cunningham, Charlie Fletcher, Don Aren and others take the stage with Peter Obermark to release Copper's new album, The Devil You Know at The Redmoor on November 3rd. 

Obermark, songwriter, guitarist and founder of Copper, is a keen cultural observer.  He spotlights social turbulence in songs like "The Revulsion Will Not Be Televised"--his rousing anthem about the dumbing-down of American politics--and "Radio Free Jesus," a biting look at the hubris of the western world.

He serves his message with a twist.

"I write songs about love, longing, death and the best of intentions gone horribly wrong," says Obermark.  "Yet, I set most of my lyrics to upbeat, guitar-driven melodies.  I want the music to be fun to listen to, even before you know what the songs are about."

The Devil You Know mixes politics with love, featuring odes to Obermark's wife and son punctuated by songs like "Socialism for the Baileys," the anti-war "Blue Eighty-Eight," and his elegy for the middle class, "Death and Texas."

The Devil You Know is produced by Matt Hueneman of Cattle Dog Productions and multi-instrumentalist Chris Arduser.  Hueneman and Arduser will join Obermark and Bob Nyswonger, Brian Lovely, George Cunningham, Kelly McCracken, Krystal Peterson, Don Aren, Charlie Fletcher and Hallie Menkaus for the album release show, performing songs from The Devil You Know and Copper's 2014 debut album, Fade to White.

Copper's show starts at 8 pm Thursday at The Redmoor.  Cincinnati rock band Flying Underground performs after Copper at 9:15. Doors open at 7 pm and admission is free.