Royal Holland, The Zach Longoria Project, and Brian Olive at NSYC

Years have passed since Cincinnati native and music producer Brian Olive played a local stage - so much so that he can’t recall when questioned.  On November 11th, at Northside Yacht Club, Olive will play songs from his current release Move with his band along with new songs from his forthcoming release.  Royal Holland, an expanded ensemble group, and The Zach Longoria Project from Louisville, KY will support.   

Grammy Award-winning Olive currently keeps a packed engineering / producing schedule and is writing and recording his next full-length release due out next year.  Both took a momentary pause when a property in Northside, Cincinnati that Olive had his eyes on for a while suddenly became market-available.  He began the process of purchasing it. 

He’s now rehabbing the house included with the property in addition to getting his new album market-available too.  The building will house a state-of-the-art recording studio with a lot of vintage sounds in it in a secluded forest retreat minutes away from downtown.

Another Cincinnati native and musician on the rise, Royal Holland, who recorded his Unfolded EP Trilogy with Olive at the helm at the now defunct ‘The Diamonds’ studio (also located in Northside), asked a question that for most musicians there is only one answer to, in the midst of Olive's growing to-do list and deadlines -  "Hey man, you want to play a show?” 

Royal Holland is a Folk Rock Singer/Songwriter from Newport, KY. His Unfolded EP Trilogy meshes a wide range of influences from 60’s pop music to modern folk into an atmosphere that has been described as "breathtakingly stark, painfully true and undeniably the biggest selling point to the collection as a whole.” - Music Emissions.

Royal Holland continues extensively touring to support his releases and will record his first full-length album at Olive’s new studio early next year.