Abiyah & Eugenius Release Video for "BLUP"

PhotoCred: Erin Drexelius

On September 13, 2016, Cincinnati alt-hip hop mainstays Abiyah and Eugenius released the video for their 2014 recorded noise rap collaboration “BLUP”, shot and edited at local motion graphics studio Lightborne by Jacob Drabik and Brad Grawe, respectively. “Blup”, their first collaboration, is an avant-garde noise rap wet dream that clocks in at punk-rock length and slaps dap upside your head. The term “BLUP” is also intended as a euphemistic replacement for a common four-letter word used when one wants to verbally flip someone or something off, while the hashtag #BlupAllaDat attempts to offer listeners of all ages a way to dampen the noise of injustice and negativity in a more user-friendly way.

"BLUP" is a little punk, a little noise rap, and a lot of attitude. It has been described as, “a beautiful marriage of post-punk and hip hop.” 

Download “BLUP” for FREE (or Name Your Price) HERE or HERE.