Love Letters to Showcase Cincinnati Tattoo Project

Love Letters, an art installation, includes poetry, tattoos, photographs, music, and, most importantly, love from around the world. It showcases the Cincinnati Tattoo Project video artwork, which has not been shown in a gallery before, alongside photographs from 3 single-city tattoo projects and from Love Letter to the World, a global companion to the city-based artworks.

The Cincinnati Tattoo Project was launched in September 2014, when thousands of people who call the Queen City home were invited to ink their love—both by writing the memories and experiences that keep Cincinnati close to their hearts and by becoming the canvass for a public artwork that spread the words of an 818-word poem on the bodies of 263 participants. Commissioned and produced by ArtWorks, the Cincinnati Tattoo Project reached thousands of people, not only through the 263 tattoo recipients but also through 54 urban installations and 45 community partners and sponsors that made it all possible.

Love Letters includes photographs from the Cincinnati Tattoo Project, the Lexington Tattoo Project, the Boulder Tattoo Project, and Love Letter to the World.

This opening coincides with the opening of The Peeled Eye, shown in Wave Pool's ground floor gallery.

Love Letters
Saturday, September 17th
7p – 10p
Wave Pool
2940 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati, OH