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Interview with Triple The Trouble

Triple The Trouble is a band of three young sisters. Don’t let their age fool you, they are a powerhouse. Having played at numerous festivals and events this summer, they are not slowing down just because school has started. Watch out Cincinnati, Triple The Trouble is taking over!

Give us some background on Triple The Trouble…
Triple The Trouble is a band of three teen sisters (Aria 14, Bryce 13 and Bailey 10) We began taking music lessons at an early age (yes, we were even younger than we are now) and singing together on road trips.  Music has always been a big part of our family.  Our first song, Carnival Ride was written when Aria was 10 and Bryce was 9.  We were living in Cleveland, Ohio and had already moved around a lot. We just felt like life was a roller coaster ride but that no matter what, you just have to find and look forward to the high points and brace yourself for the lows.  We were taking lessons at Ron Zehl Guitar in Avon and our instructors couldn't believe we wrote it.  We had been playing in individual recitals at that point but we started practicing together.  Bailey also switched from guitar to drums.  And we found out she could sing!  We ended up moving back to Columbia, SC and began taking lessons with many of our current instructors at Freeway Music.  We Skype lessons.  In addition to "recitals" which were really students getting up and playing great rock songs, our instructors allowed us to open and play sets in between their sets at gigs.  Yes - we even saw our first bar fight!  Freeway is awesome because they not only teach us how to play but have helped us with stage and band etiquette, set up, sound checks etc.  We don't just get up and play - we are responsible for the entire process.  We moved to Cincinnati where we have family almost two years ago.  We are very lucky that a number of local musicians are mentoring us and giving us drum, piano lessons, etc. It has been an awesome experience. 

Tell us about your songwriting process.
Aria is primary songwriter.  She really is amazing.  She does it all in her head.  We have a game where we will throw her a subject and she creates a song.  We then head to the basement to work it out.  We get stuck sometimes and that is where our instructors stretch us to learn new beats, chord progressions, etc.  As we keep playing, our music is maturing.  We are really proud that our songs seem to resonate with all ages.  Aria was bullied in Middle School and wrote Who Do You Think You Are.  Folks seem to really get it.  We also love that GetUP! empowers girls.  That's important.  We are very proud that we released our first EP this Spring and received great feedback.  

You have had quite the busy summer ahead, what can one except when they see you live?
We've had a huge summer!  We've played in numerous festivals from WestFest to Great Inland Seafood Festival and have more scheduled for Fall and already next Spring.  It's been hard at times because it's been such a full schedule.  There was a LOT of practice and we didn't go on any crazy road trips to visit friends.  Our sets are usually Aria on keys, Bryce on guitar and Bailey on drums but we also do several songs with ukulele and cajon. It's been a learning experience. Some places like it when we have sisterly banter, others just want us to play. We do like being sarcastic though - I mean, we are sisters! 

What are some challenges you face?
Our biggest challenge right now is the balance between band and school.  I mean, Aria just started High School and Bryce is in 8th grade and Bailey in 6th (she skipped a grade).  Sometimes, you just want to chill-ax with your friends and not fight with your sisters on what is a good cover to play.  However, we are really loving being out and playing.  We played an event near our school and a bunch of kids knew the words to our songs and had even made up a dance to Carnival Ride.  That felt awesome!  We head back to South Carolina in November to record another Holiday song and some new music.  We are also playing in a festival there.   

Some people are surprised by our music and our age.  We think it comes from already having had a lot happen in our lives.  We are not whining here...Bryce has arthritis so we've had to move around to get her the best care.  She's been on chemotherapy since she was 15months old and probably been in more hospitals and doctor's offices than most adults.  It's taken a lot of time and money, but she is considered a huge success story.  In fact, she's been named Youth Honoree for the Jingle Bell Run this year!  It's important for people at any age to know that you can follow your dreams despite challenges!  Thanks to Cincinnati Children's Hospital, she's doing great - by the way! 

We want folks to know that we are NOT "kids bop #97"!  We are serious about making and playing music.  We are very proud of what we have done so far but certainly understand we have a lot to learn.  We have appreciated all the help from so many in Cincinnati.  We really hope we can become a part of the Cincy music scene as we continue to grow. 

Upcoming Triple The Trouble dates:
August 25th St. Ignatius Festival
Sept. 11 Harvest Home Festival
Oct. 7 Operation Pumpkin Festival (Opening for Amy Sailor Band)
Oct. 8th College Hill Pumpkin Festival
Oct. 15th District A Festival
Nov. 6th Leo Coffeehouse
Nov. 20th Freeway Music Festival in SC