Get to Know Home Plate

Home Plate consists of Guitarist and Vocalist James Morelock, Guitarist Sam Osborne, Bassist Nick Turner and Drummer Eric Hucke. Home Plate is to Pop Punk what Spy Kids 2 was to the Espionage Movie Industry; life-changing. Starting their ascent into the Cincinnati local scene in Spring of '16, teenage angst has never been so alive in men that haven't been teenagers in a very long time. 

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Give us some background on Home Plate…
James: So the best place to start would be introductions; after all we are angsty Cincinnati boys. Made up of Guitarist and Vocalist James Morelock, Guitarist Sam Osborne, Drummer Eric Hucke and Bassist Nick Turner, I (James) had known Nick and Eric from previous jam sessions years ago, only to be reunited through different online medias/friends. The only exception being Sam, who was introduced to me through his girlfriend while he was still stationed in North Carolina. All coming from Punk/Pop Punk/Emo backgrounds, we've found our niche of poppy radio-style music with the whiney relationship based lyrics that everyone has come to know from me in the area. 

Tell us about the upcoming EP in the works! 
Nick: So right now we're working on our upcoming EP; we're really starting to find a sound the meshes all of our influences and seems to stand out in Cincinnati, as diverse as it already is. We're touching on a style in Cincinnati that has never really been present, so we believe that it's going to be something to look forward to especially for those that are looking for a new take on what's been established. We're working with a great producer Jake Bryant, located in Dayton, OH. Our work with him on the first single "Cigarette Stains" from the EP has already proven to be an asset into what we will become.

What are some things you love about being a Cincinnati band?
Sam: I grew up in the local scene, and it's amazing to be able to come home after eight years of service and jump right back into where I left off. Just as much as I love Skyline Chili and the construction on I-75, Pop Punk has always been a huge part of me, and knowing that I have the chance to continue to make music reminds me of how lucky I am to be in Cincinnati.  

What is next for Home Plate?
Eric: As we work on our EP, we're taking our time to develop a sound that we have all imagined for all the years we've been musicians. Strengthening our communication not only verbally but through our on-stage presence and music, we're learning each other's strong suits and weaknesses in our songwriting. Becoming our own sound, taking the stage all over Cincinnati and beyond, and putting out music that hopes to keep the idea of our youth alive is all we have on our mind, and don't plan on letting anything stand in our way.