TrxlleyDxdgers (ex Foxy Shazam) Hitting the Road

Cincinnati trio TrxlleyDxdgers have announced that they will be hitting the road for the first time ever next month. The band will be bringing their unique brand of rock 'n' roll to several cities in their home state of Ohio, as well as Lansing, MI, throughout August. For additional information or to purchase tickets, please visit: 

On the upcoming tour, TrxlleyDxdgersLoren Turner shares: "It's been about two years since I've stepped foot on stage, I'm really excited to get out and start cutting our teeth with this new project."

Former Foxy Shazam guitarist Loren Turner started TrxlleyDxdgers in early 2015 as a simple idea. It became his full-time project when Turner sent a riff he'd been sitting on to Clinton Jacob (vocals, guitar of mr. phylzzz), which eventually evolved into the band's first single "Lunch Box."

This ignited a fire in Turner and Jacob that had them both working diligently in Turner's studio for a year, creating demo upon demo. They began auditioning drummers to round out the band, but it wasn't until they met Amanda Deford - who had taken a 10-hour trip from Omaha to showcase her skills behind the set - that they knew they'd found their perfect match. 

With everything coming together the next logical step was to take their music on the road, and TrxlleyDxdgers are ready to do just that.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

8/4 - Canton, OH @ Buzzbin Art & Music Shop
8/5 - Columbus, OH @ The Tree Bar
8/6 - Toledo, OH @ The Ottawa Tavern
8/7 - Lansing, MI @ Mac's Bar
8/8 - Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart's w/Lacey Strum of Flyleaf
8/27 - Cincinnati, OH @ Urban Artifact