Noah Sugarman at SGHR

Noah Sugarman's one man funk project, Camp Sugar, comes home. Taking the stage with longtime friends, JIMS. It's free and it's Thursday July 14th at The Southgate House Revival.

Camp Sugar's sound is a collection of well-crafted poppy dream funk that reflects heart & soul from the lead singer's past and his rumination of the future. Noah Sugarman, founding member and songwriter, released his debut album, Art Of Starting A Fireon the Unison Music label in 2009. The talented, multi-instrumentalist, has toured the country coast-to-coast, with an array of bands. In 2007, Sugarman signed with Unison Music of Los Angeles.

In addition to Camp Sugar and his solo efforts, 
Sugarman has made significant contributions to alt-country/alt rock band, 500 Miles to Memphis, touring 250+ days a year from 2008 thru 2010, and playing bass and guitar on their last two albums, Sunshine In A Shot Glass and We've Built Up to Nothing

Sugarman released a second album, After the Blackout in 2014, accompanied by a heavy touring schedule that took the band throughout North America and garnered rave reviews in Europe. 

This year, a new EP promises more of the great sound that Camp Sugar so masterfully creates. Take a sneak peek at the new single, 
'Heart' that will release in July of 2016.